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What is the Development Committee?

The St. Agnes Development Committee is an endowment fundraising and advisory board which operates for the benefit of St. Agnes Catholic Elementary School in Concord.  St. Agnes is proud to be a vibrant and active community of students, families, teachers, and friends.  The Development Committee’s focus is upon the children and our aim is to expand the St. Agnes School Education Endowment Fund.

The St. Agnes Endowment Fund was established to provide tuition assistance to students enrolled in St. Agnes School.  The Fund’s investment and management adheres strictly to the guidelines provided by the Diocese of Oakland.

What is an Endowment Fund?

An endowment is a fund that is restricted in its use.  It is designed to function in perpetuity, making it possible to provide financial support over the long-term.  Only the interest from the fund can be spent, not the principal that anchors the endowment.  Usually, only a portion of the interest or earnings from the endowment (typically 5%) are spent on an annual basis in order to assure that the original funds will grow over time.  Professional money managers oversee the endowment fund, investing the money in stocks, bonds, and other instruments.

The accrued interest and capital appreciation from the St. Agnes Endowment Fund will be used to provide tuition assistance to families in need on a year-to-year basis in order to achieve our mission to make a Catholic education available to every family.

The Development Committee has set a goal to reach $1,000,000 by December 2019.  It is our hope that at that time, the fund will generate a sufficient amount of interest to allow us to provide tuition assistance, while assuring that the original funds continue to grow.

Ways to Give

Click here to view our Endowment Fund Brochure. You will find a form to fill out that will make it easy to participate.

CORPORATE DONATIONS: – does your company participate in a corporate match program?  If so, please consider asking that they match your donation. 

Events / Calendar:

Development Weekend

Development Board / Contacts:

Coleen Martin – Chairperson

Fr. Johnson Abraham –
Pariochial Administrator

Jill Lucia - Principal

Committee Members
Bridgett Molino - Secretary

Keely Nava - Treasurer

Staci Castagnetto

Linda Colvis

Mike Griffin

Christine Lujan

Angie Blackmon - Golf Tournament Chair


Golf Tournament