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Junior High Policies


The science text is accessible online. Each student receives instruction for login access. Please logon at www.pearsonsuccessnet.com. The online text provides additional resources and study tools.


Students are expected to keep written notes which serve as valuable learning tools. Notes are periodically graded for content, format and neatness. 


Labs are conducted during class. Due to the nature of most labs they cannot be made up when a student is absent. Proper behavior, including following safety precautions, is expected or the student does not receive credit for the lab. Written lab reports follow each experiment and are graded for accuracy, proper format and correct grammar.


Vocabulary quizzes

Chapter quizzes and tests
Lab quizzes

Projects and Science Fair: 

Group and individual projects are part of the science curriculum.
Participation and attendance at the Science Fair is mandatory.


Students are expected to be active participants in class. Work not completed during class time will become homework.