We are blessed to have a highly-qualified, dynamic, loving staff who are flexible enough to adjust to all of the continual challenges within an educational system, who coordinate together to better meet the needs of each individual student, and who understand the challenges that our students will face in our evolving world.  Our staff prepares our students well for life beyond St. Agnes.
Faculty and Staff

St. Agnes Office Staff:

Jill Lucia (Principal)Ana Kelley (Administrative Assistant), Edwina Fitzpatrick (Bookkeeper),  Teresa DeGraca (Office Assistant)

 St. Agnes Faculty:

Director: Ms. Sciacqua
Assistant: Ms. Delucchi

Teacher: Ms. Ghelfi
Assistant: Ms. Villano

1st Grade
Teacher: Ms. D'Apice
Assistant: Ms. Merletti

2nd Grade
Teacher: Ms. Sacco
Assistant: Ms. O'Brien

3rd Grade
Teacher: Ms. Van Heel
Assistant: Ms. Fernando

4th Grade
Teacher: Ms. Audas
Assistant: Ms. DeMaria

5th Grade
Teacher: Ms. Reedy
Assistant: Ms. Becmer

Librarian: Ms. Cesca

Teacher: Ms. Timms

Teacher: Ms. Concepcion 

6th Grade and Middle 
School Science
Teacher: Ms. Hill
Assistant: Ms. Wright

7th Grade and Middle
School Language Arts

Teacher: Ms. Simpson
Assistant: Ms. Rios

8th Grade and Middle 
School Math 

Teacher: Mr. Volenec
Assistant: Ms. Russell

Middle School Social Studies
Teacher: Ms. Ziemke


Teacher: Mr. Hamerson

3-8 Teacher: Mr. Hamerson
K-2 Teacher: Ms. Zaragoza

Ms. Layton

Ms. Lawrence
Ms. McDonald

Technology Coordinator 
Ms. Tanenbaum