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Kindergarten Websites

Superkids - This program is now part of an integrated reading curriculum for kindergarten through 2nd grade.  This link will allow you to follow what your child is covering in kindergarten, and will allow you to practice the material together at home.

Raz-Kids - Excellent reading material.  Teacher assigns student reading levels based on reading abilities. 

Starfall  - The ABCs section is great for kinders just learning their letters.  The Learn to Read section helps students start putting the sounds together.  Other sections have great age-level appropriate reading materials.  Fun site.

Story Scramble - Sequencing skills are part of the kindergarten curriculum.  This is a practice in sequencing.

ABCYA - Fun collection of reading, math, and other activities appropriate for different grade levels.
Mathletics - Math practice for myriad concepts for all grade levels.  Required by some teachers for homework.

Subtraction Harvest - Great introduction to the concept of subtraction.

NLVM - Great collection of math manipulatives. Try going to Number and Operations or Geometry and click on Attribute blocks or Complete the Pattern.

Easter- Color Easter eggs, go on an Easter egg hunt, and more

Alphabetimals - Fun with letters.

Books - Just some free books you can read with your child, or they can read by themselves.