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Science Websites

Your text book online. Interactive, reads to you, never have to worry about leaving your assignments at school. Check your assignment books for login information.

BrainPop - Catholic Resources

Information, games, and practice with science concepts.
Science Spot - Kid Zone

Beam Balance
Triple Beam Balance

Worm Watch is getting the dirt on earthworms.

Learn how maps are used and how to read them.

Learn about U.S. and World Geography.
Online Interactive Maps

Activities and information on hurricanes, weather, thunderstorms and more. Level: Grades 2-5
National Weather Service for Kids

All kinds of resources for teaching topics found in the study of Earth Science. Collection includes sites that contain images, explanations and activities. Level: Grades 4-8
Education Worlds Earth Science Sites - Collection

Many resources listed by Biology sub-topic. Level: Grades 3-8
Awesome Library - Biology Collection

Video and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms. Great site for showing cellular processes. Level: Grades 8-12
Cells Alive

Virtual frog dissection
Net Frog

Virtual heart transplant
Heart Transplant

This site includes detailed explanations of Matter, Atoms, Elements, Reactions and Biochemistry. Includes lots of diagrams. Level:Grades 4-8

An amazing collection of ideas to use in the classroom. The activities are organized into Early-elementary Later elementary Middle School and High School. Ideal for teachers looking for activities. Level: Grades 2-12
Physical Science Activities and Experiments

Practice using scientific notation.
Scientific Notation

Chemistry and Algebra Tutorials

Typing Test