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St. Agnes School is committed to staying abreast of, and current with, the latest technologies that have proven to be beneficial in educating students. Computers are an integral part of the St. Agnes curriculum, and the integration occurs in various ways at different grade levels.

The Kinders, 1st grade and 2nd grade learn basic computer protocol while learning phonics, math, grammar, and drawing skills. Computer classes are an additional medium for reinforcing basic skills.

3rd grade really takes off with their computer skills, learning keyboarding and word processing through an assortment of assignments serving to reinforce grammar skills, spelling skills, etc.

4th through 8th grade continually add computer skills to their repertoire through a multitude of grade level assignments. They do charts, timelines, research, websites, graphs, more advanced slide shows, and produce many other creations, depending on the learning to be achieved.

When St. Agnes students graduate from St. Agnes, they leave with a strong foundation of computer skills.

Important Links

Safe Search »
Plagiarism Checker »
Google Docs »

Keyboarding and Coding Websites

Keyboarding Exercises

Please enjoy these keyboarding links to get in a little extra keyboarding practice:

Typing Club »
Dance Mat Typing » 
Typing Web »
Power Typing » 
(also has games “Barracuda”, “Foggies”, “Alphabetic Rain” and “Ghost”).
Typing Pal »
Learn 2 Type »
Typeracer »
Typing Test »

Online Keyboarding Games

Super Hyper Spider Typer »
TyperShark »
Trees »
Bubbles »
Air Typer »
Jump for Treasure »

Good Coding Websites

Technology is now an integral part of our world.  Coding skills will be needed in future generations.

Codecademy »
Hour of Code »
Khan Academy »
Scratch »
Code Monkey »
Tynker »
Candy Quest »

Hour of Code

The Hour of Code program is intended to make sure that all of our students are introduced to coding to prepare them for future job possibilities.

Code Academy » (sign in: google docs e-mail) Sign up with Google
Khan Academy » (sign in: google docs e-mail) Sign up with Google
Scratch » (sign in: TechDirector, stagnes)

St. Agnes School Technology Code of Conduct

St. Agnes students are expected to model a code of conduct reflecting the school philosophy at all times. This includes all school events and activities, and extends beyond the physical boundaries of the school.

The school’s jurisdiction with respect to conduct includes:

  • At all times when the student is on school grounds
  • At all times during the school day, both off and on school grounds
  • At all officially sanctioned school-sponsored events
  • Outside of the school day when the student’s behavior reflects upon the school.

Note: The school retains the right to discipline students for their actions, regardless of when or where they occur, when those actions negatively impact the school’s image, reputation, and/or the safety and well-being of the school community. This covers inappropriate behavior in cyberspace including but not limited to messages, chat room commentary, comments/pictures, postings on social networking sites, blogs, wikis, gaming chats, digital transmissions and other technology related activity.