St. Agnes School is a multi-cultural educational environment rooted in the Gospels of Jesus Christ.

At St. Agnes we are committed to educating our students in our Catholic Faith. Please visit these websites to find out more valuable information.

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Catholic Schools
Diocese of Oakland
Religion Guidelines
K through 4th Grade

Catholic Schools
Diocese of Oakland
Religion Guidelines
5th through 8th Grade

Religion Links

Saints and Angels

The Meaning of Advent

How to make an Advent Wreath and what it symbolizes.
Making an Advent Wreath

Representation of the Tree of Jesse. Nineteen symbols that can be used on the Jesse Tree.
Jesse Tree Meanings and Symbols

Seven Catholic Sacraments

Blessings for various occasions.

The prayers and order of the Mass.

Worship and Liturgical Music.

Discusses the Season of Lent.

The background and meaning of Lent.
Season of Lent

How to prepare and pray during Lent
Prayers for Lent