Social Studies

Take a walk through history with the help of these useful and fascinating websites.

Social Studies Links:

Great page for teaching early elementary students about our government. Level: Grades K-2
Ben's Guide to the US Government for K-2

Great site that has research information by topic such as California Geography, Native, California, Conquest of California, Gold Rush, California Becomes a State and First Transcontinental Railroad. Grades 3-6
California History

Click on a specific state for a few basic facts. Click on the Treasure Hunt for questions that students have to answer. Level: Grades 2-4
Explore the States - The Library of Congress

Discover the inventors, politicians, performers, activists and other everyday people who made this country what it is today. Level: Grades 3-6
Famous Americans

A nice collection of resources in various media for research papers. Contains maps, diagrams and state information. Level: Grades 5-8
The Thirteen Colonies

A text-based site that provides detailed information on the Colonial Period. Level: Grades 5-8
From Revolution to Reconstruction

Interactive map that shows what houses looked like during the life and times of Paul Revere. Level: Grades 5-8
Paul Reveres Neighborhood

Virtual Jamestown is a product of collaboration between Virginia Tech, the University of Virginia, and the Virginia Center for Digital History. The site allows students to virtually study this time period so that the information comes alive; Includes maps, tours, letters and records. Level: Grades 5-8
Virtual Jamestown

A discussion of the eleven girls who were on the Mayflower ship. Level: Grades 5-8
Girls on the Mayflower

Her arrest, the boycott, Dr. King's Speech, a brief history of nonviolence, the court ruling and an interview with Ms. Parks. Level: Grades 5-8
Rosa Parks

Includes a .jpg of the original newspaper article as well as background information. Level: Grades 5-8
Explanation of the Montgomery Bus Boycott

This Web site is brought to you from the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., the largest library in the world and the nation's library.
Explore the States

Looks at the forces that drove the rebirth in Europe, and in particular in Italy. Topics include exploration and trade, printing and thinking, mathematics, and a focus on Florence. Level: Grades 6-8
Explore the Renaissance

This web site from the Metropolitan Museum of Art lets students look intently at historical artifacts and works of art to help them gain an understanding of the Age of Exploration. (Note: The site is text based.) Level: Grades 6-8
Europe and the Age of Exploration 15th and 16th Century

This interactive program demonstrates the ways in which computer technology can be harnessed to add to our knowledge about Renaissance paintings and how they were made. The site walks students through the process of examining several paintings in depth. Level: Grades 6-8
Investigating the Renaissance

While in groups, students will take on the role of an individual living through the war. Each group will do research and learn about the Holocaust. Students will also answer some basic questions to show they understand the main events that took place during this time. The roles are the man imprisoned in the concentration camp, the young girl hiding in a basement, the woman struggling to hide Jews in her home, or the young boy who has become a hate-filled Nazi soldier. Your group will create a scene depicting a typical day in the life of your individual. The scene can be performed in class. Level: grades 6-8
A Typical Day Holocaust WebQuest

This is an introductory guide to the Holocaust. Students will learn about events, about people and learn to ask questions. On the site you will find photographs, documents, video footage, and hear the stories of real people. Level: grades 6-8
Beth Sholom Holocaust Centre

Accounts of the the war-time experiences of three child survivors: 5-year-old Lili, who was separated from her family and hidden in a convent; 7-year-old Krystyna, who lived for 14 months in a sewer, never seeing the light of day; and 14-year-old Alexander, who learned about death on a fateful day in the ghetto. Level: grades 6-8
ADL Children of the Holocaust

Explores the lives of three women who resisted the Holocaust. Level: grades 6-8
Daring to Resist

Maps made for printing and copying.
Xpeditions Atlas

The First Thanksgiving