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St. Agnes Mission Statement

St. Agnes School, in partnership with the Catholic Schools in the Diocese of Oakland educate children in the Catholic faith and nurture their minds, bodies, and souls, inspiring them to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ, achieve their highest academic and creative potential, and actively serve and enrich the community.

St. Agnes Philosophy Statement

In collaboration with one another the Pastor, parents, and staff of St. Agnes School, in support of the Parish Covenant Statement and the Mission of Catholic Schools, recognize that our primary goal is to foster the development of each student. St. Agnes School is committed to providing for the diverse needs of the students. This PeaceBuilding community provides a caring environment that values:

  • lifelong faith formation
  • individual self-worth
  • academic achievement
  • talents and abilities
  • cultural awareness
  • local and global service to others

Our Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)

1. A faith-centered person living the Gospel message who is able to:

1.1 Demonstrate understanding of the Catholic faith and practices.
1.2 Recognize God’s love.
1.3 Make morally responsible decisions.
1.4 Express compassion for others, locally and globally, through gifts of time, talent and treasure.
1.5 Practice forgiveness.

2. A conscientious individual in a diverse society who is able to:

2.1 Treat self and others with dignity and respect.
2.2 Demonstrate self-discipline.
2.3 Take responsibility for personal actions.
2.4 Demonstrate respect for the environment.

3. A lifelong learner who is able to:

3.1 Use knowledge, skills, and strategies necessary to learn.
3.2 Demonstrate understanding and achievement within the core curriculum.
3.3 Experience the fine arts.
3.4 Work to his/her ability.

4. An effective communicator who is able to:

4.1 Listen actively to others.
4.2 Communicate effectively both verbally and in writing.
4.3 Cooperate and collaborate with others.