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Sponsor a Student

We are often asked: “What can I give to a student or family of St. Agnes School that would be of permanent or lasting value?” We have developed a “Wish List” to answer this concern!

One of the stumbling blocks for a family in providing a Catholic education for their child is determining the affordability of tuition. Recent years have been challenging for many of our families who beforehand felt well positioned to meet their monthly expenses. We have a loving and close-knit community and we are dedicated to supporting our families through life’s successes and challenges.

You can help by sponsoring a student in the following ways:

  • Full or partial tuition: $6,550.00
  • Educational Testing: $1,000
  • Check camp prices: 3rd grade $270, 5th grade $375
  • 8th Grade Graduation Fee: $150
  • Purchasing a uniform: Boys-$30 and Girls-$75
  • Purchasing a yearbook: $30

Corporate Matching

Does Your Company Offer Matching Funds?

Many of the companies that employ our St. Agnes families have a policy of matching funds that are given for charitable purposes. If you are employed by such a company, don’t forget to keep St. Agnes in mind. At St. Agnes we strive to offer every student the best in educational opportunities, and any help we can receive in supporting our many programs is always greatly appreciated.