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Parents at St. Agnes

St. Agnes recognizes that the parents are the primary educators of their children.

We are a school that has multiple avenues for parent involvement. Our primary parent organizations are the School Board and PACE Board.  These Boards oversee many different areas of strategic planning and fundraising for the school. Parent involvement is a mandatory requirement of our school community.

St. Agnes School offers a rigorous academic curriculum to our students.  We are aligned with the academic policies and standards required by the Diocese of Oakland.  We are a WCEA accredited school.  We assess our academic accomplishments against the Common Core guidelines.

It can be difficult to clarify to our parents what our academic path looks like, so we are attempting to communicate our goals to you by offering you the following resources:

Common Core Resources for Parents and Guardians

In conjunction with the Common Core guidelines, we are offering material designed to assist you in knowing what it is that you will want to do at different stages to support and help your student along their academic journey:

Parents’ Guide to Student Success

Catholic School Standards Project

We also invite you to visit the Catholic School Standards Project site.  This website provides information on the evolving efforts of the Catholic Church to define and identify Catholic elements and infuse them into school level curriculum and instruction based on the Common Core State Standards:

National Standards and Benchmarks for Catholic Schools

On our Students page, you will find a summary of our curriculum for the individual subjects.  Please feel free to contact our principal, Mrs. Lucia, with any questions.