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Primary and Upper Elementary

All core subjects in our Primary and Upper Elementary grades take place in self-contained classrooms; all core subjects are taught by the homeroom teacher.  Students change teachers only when attending enrichment classes. Within the individual classrooms, however, various groupings of students are made possible through the employment of the classroom assistant. Students are grouped for various projects, math or reading levels, interests, etc. when such groupings are to the students’ academic advantage.

Junior High

In our Junior High, students go to different teachers for the core subjects of math, science, english/literature, and social studies.  This allows our Junior High teachers to provide consistent sequential material leading to mastery of these core subjects before graduation from St. Agnes.  Each homeroom teacher teaches the Religion curriculum to their grade level class.

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Student Volunteers

St. Agnes School is a Catholic School committed to empowering students to live rooted in Gospel Values. We strive to guide students toward the fulfillment of their potential self-worth and trust they will leave the school empowered to lead lives rich in faith, love and service. In teaching and modeling these Gospel values, the faculty and staff encourage a local and global vision of service to others.

6th, 7th, and 8th graders are responsible for performing a minimum number of community service hours per the year and maintaining an accurate accounting of the hours served.  Completed Community Service Forms must be returned to the classroom teacher by May 1 .

15 hours for 6th graders
20 hours for 7th graders
25 hours for 8th graders

COMMUNITY SERVICE HOURS SUGGESTIONS – hours can be done for the school, the parish, a PACE sponsored activity, or with prior teacher approval, a broader community function, or please see this Community Service Hours Form at the below link for additional ideas.

Community Service Hours Form

Enrichment Classes

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