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St. Agnes School Board

The St. Agnes School Board functions as an advisory board to the principal and pastor of St. Agnes. This dedicated group of parents includes various subcommittees to keep us true to our mission and philosophy. We are so grateful for their hard work.

School Board Members 2023-2024

President Sal Evola
Vice President  
Secretary Shannon Dorsey
Pastoral Council Father Luke Ssemakula
Brad Talmadge
Administration Jill Lucia
Finance Committee Sal Evola (Chair)
Josh Ziegenbusch (Co-Chair)
Staff Liaison Theresa Audas
Development Committee Angie Blackmon (Chair)
Open Position (Co-Chair)
Facilities Management
Tim McGallian (Chair)

PACE Board Representative Meghan Chisholm
Enrollment and Marketing

Reyna Cruz (Chair)
Jessica Lucia (Co-chair)    

Mission Advancement
Megan Fahey (Chair)
Gabby Drobick (Co-Chair)

For contact information, please refer to your school directory or contact our school office.