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SCRIP Hours on Campus

Scrip will be sold in the school office on Thursday and Friday from 9-11 a.m.

Please make sure you to indicate your child’s name and grade on the Scrip Order Form (see download below). Scrip will be sent home with your child unless indicated otherwise on the form. Large orders must be placed at one week in advance. Lost cards will not be replaced, but please alert the office if you receive a card that doesn’t work properly. Any questions, please call the School office (925) 689-3990 or email .

Please continue to send your Scrip orders via your Wednesday family envelope. We will fill Scrip orders on Thursdays and Fridays. Scrip is sent home with your child unless it’s specified on the form that you wish to have it held in the office. If that is the case please call the office and someone will come to you and hand the scrip to you.

eScrip Online Shopping

Buy your scrip on the go with our online eScrip shopping options. Shop online with ShopWithScrip or download their RaiseRight app to shop from your phone.

To register with ShopWithScrip and RaiseRight, enter the email address you use at school as your user name. In order to receive credit for your purchase, the email must match the school directory. Please do NOT order physical cards using this method as we cannot process them. However, you can reload cards previously purchased through the office through the site. Any orders of $500 and above will need pre-approval by Mrs. Kelley.

Enrollment code: available upon request

Scrip purchased online or through the app is ready within minutes, so you can purchase it when you need it. (Note: not all shops offer eScrip.)

Credit Card Usage

The Diocese has instructed us that credit cards are not an accepted form of payment for tuition or scrip on campus.  Many credit card companies, however, issue checks to be drawn against credit card accounts; this form of payment will be accepted.