Scrip will be sold in the school office on  Thursdays and Fridays between 9-11

We have revised our Scrip order form please use the NEW revised form.

Please make sure you to indicate your child's name and grade on the Scrip Order Form. Unless indicated other wise Scrip will be send home with your child. Remember Scrip cards are CASH and lost cards will not be replaced.

Any questions please call the School office (925) 689-3990,

As always, any large orders must be placed one week in advance. 

Credit Card Usage

The Diocese has instructed us that credit cards will no longer be an accepted form of payment for tuition or scrip.  Many credit card companies, however, issue checks to be drawn against credit card accounts; this form of payment will be accepted.  This policy does not apply to any purchases at the auction.



Important Scrip Information

Scrip Order Form Rev 12/4/18

Scrip Retailers 9/10/18

Feel free to call or email me with any questions.

St. Agnes School