About Ms. Ghelfi

To The Parents Of My Kinders

Dear Kinder Parents,

Hello! I am the St. Agnes Kindergarten Teacher. I've been teaching for more than twenty years, the last several at St. Agnes School. I feel very fortunate to be doing what I love, where I love. My heart is here, both as a school parent and as a teacher. I am honored to be working with you and your kinders.  

Mission For The Class

"To Know That They Are MAGNIFICENT and Gifts from God." My heartfelt objective is for each and every Kinder to embrace each day filled with faith, enthusiasm, and wonder, and prayer.


Beargrams will be given to parents every week to keep them informed of the weekly events and activities of their Kinders. For your convenience, we will attach them below:


Kinder Class Schedule
Special Class Schedule
Class Helper Schedule


Homework packets are given to students each Monday. These packets are due back on Friday of the same week.