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Science clipart clipartion com 2Welcome to 6th Grade Homeroom and Middle School Science!

Religion Class Information

The religion text is Catholic Connections, published by St. Mary’s Press. The curriculum is a three year program with 6th grade focusing on the Old Testament, the Prophets, and the Trinity. Additionally, this program allows students to reflect on their place in the world, and how to recognize and develop strong moral values – sometimes in the face of adversity.

We will also focus on our school theme from the gospel of Matthew, “I am with you always” and our schoolwide SLEs as we journey through the year. 


The Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) guide the instruction and are supported with the Full Option Science System (FOSS), a research-based curriculum developed at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, Berkeley. Additional resources, such as Discovery Education support the curriculum as well. 

Students will explore the scientific world by learning and implementing the scientific method. Students will conduct investigations to collect and analyze data, and communicate information in writing or by creating models through collaboration with their peers.   

Critical thinking skills will be applied as students venture through the areas of earth, life and physical science during their middle school years. 

The world of science is something I find fascinating and my hope is that the students experience the wonder of science and the amazing relationships that occur in our natural world. 

Science Fair: February 6, 2024

Students in 6th and 7th grade will determine a scientific question and implement the scientific method for their science fair project. A research paper is included in the project work. 

Students in 8th grade will research and build models based on the theories of physics in real life. The choices include designing a bridge to be tested for its weight bearing ability; or designing a car to be tested for its ability to protect a driver in a head on collision. A research paper is included in the project work.

A little history ~

I graduated from Fresno State University and worked in physical rehabilitation for 12 years. I then obtained my teaching credential and have taught a variety of grade levels over the years. Both my adult children graduated and benefited from the faith-filled and rigorous education they received at St. Agnes School. My favorite way to spend my free time is with my family, especially at the beach.