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Mrs. Hill

Mrs. Hill is our 6th Grade homeroom teacher. She also teaches 6th, 7th, and 8th Grade science.

6th Grade Links

Science Fair Info »

Homeroom Information

Catholic Resources
BrainPop »

Information, games, and practice with science concepts.
Science Spot – Kid Zone »

Beam Balance
Triple Beam Balance »

Worm Watch is getting the dirt on earthworms.
WormWatch »

Learn how maps are used and how to read them.
Mapskills »

Learn about U.S. and World Geography.
Online Interactive Maps »

Activities and information on hurricanes, weather, thunderstorms and more. Level: Grades 2-5
National Weather Service for Kids »

All kinds of resources for teaching topics found in the study of Earth Science. Collection includes sites that contain images, explanations and activities. Level: Grades 4-8
Education Worlds Earth Science Sites – Collection »

Many resources listed by Biology sub-topic. Level: Grades 3-8
Awesome Library – Biology Collection »

Video and computer-enhanced images of living cells and organisms. Great site for showing cellular processes. Level: Grades 8-12
Cells Alive »

Virtual frog dissection
Net Frog »

Virtual heart transplant
Heart Transplant »

This site includes detailed explanations of Matter, Atoms, Elements, Reactions and Biochemistry. Includes lots of diagrams. Level:Grades 4-8
Chem4Kids »

An amazing collection of ideas to use in the classroom. The activities are organized into Early-elementary Later elementary Middle School and High School. Ideal for teachers looking for activities. Level: Grades 2-12
Physical Science Activities and Experiments »

Practice using scientific notation.
Scientific Notation »

Typing Test »