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Physical Education

Mrs. Timms

St. Agnes offers many classes beyond its regular curriculum. One of them is our rigorous and fun P.E. class.

The students in Kindergarten through 8th grade participate in the physical education program. The emphasis of this program is the physical and mental development of each student. Physical education provides children with the opportunity to acquire and develop physical skills, confidence and camaraderie.

Our P.E. Coordinator Mrs. Timms has been here at St. Agnes for over 20 years. She guides the students through a variety of grade relevant activities.

P.E. Guidelines

Grades Kindergarten through 3rd grade start each class with a series of exercises, counting exercises in both English and Spanish or using math calculations to determine the amount of repetitions that are required. Following the exercises is always an activity. Mondays are always “Run Day”. 

Grades 4 through 8 learn a series of team sports such as football, volleyball and basketball. These older grades are given written tests at the end of their units to test their growth and knowledge of the sport. 

P.E. Study Guides

Field Day

Field Day is held every year in May. This is a fun and exciting day. Students are busy all day. The day includes eight events, staff/student water balloon toss, food and drinks. This is a day enjoyed by all.