Student Council (2016-2017)

President: Andy W. (8)

Vice President: Quentin K. (7)

Secretary: Allison J. (7)

Treasurer: Gino M. (8)

Spirit: Allie T. (6)

Spirit Assistant:  Isabella V. (7)

Athletics: Aubrey N. (7)

Community Outreach: Jasmine K. (7)

Community Outreach Assistant:  Joshua F. (8)

Public Relations: Mackenzie P. (6)

Public Relations Assistant:  Andy Mc. (8)

Class Reps:

8th: Alex G. and Cayden C.

7th: Analisa P. and Andrew K.

6th: Adriana A. and Nolan M.

5th: Juliana P. and Ty W.

4th: Camille C. and Michael C.

Student Council Events

Student Store:  Open on Wednesdays and Fridays during Morning Recess for the 2016-2017 School Year

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